Safety glass pane, providing protection against attacks. This product is used either as IGU lining or as a Pyroguard multilayer fireproof glass pane. A range of settings is available to provide protection against manual attacks, according to standard EN 356, from P1A to P6B.

Protection against attacks by human beings



Impact protection


Temperature range



  • Used either as IGU lining or as a Pyroguard multilayer fireproof glass pane
  • Certified for use in wood or steel applications
  • Can be used as a glazed curtain or door


  • 30 and 60 minutes
  • Tested according to standard EN 356, from PLA to P6B
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 12150-1 on heat-hardened sodium-lime-silica-safety glass pane
  • Impact classification EN 12600:2002 - 1Β1
  • Subject to standard EN 14449 for multilayer safety fireproof glass pane


  • Customized solution
  • Can be used as an attack-resistant glass pane, or alone or in combination with a fire-resistant glass pane
  • Extensive test range
  • UV stability


  • Mechanized to meet the specific requirements of each project
  • The manufacturing integrity of the product ensures that it can be used for the most demanding applications and spaces
  • Saving time and reducing supply problems, as only a durable glass pane solution is required, both against attacks and fire
  • Fully compatible with a wide range of manual attack regulations, from P1A to P6B
  • Stress-free throughout the lifespan of this fireproof glass pane, due to its UV stability
  • No extra protection is necessary for outdoor applications

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